Attention! The writing and pronunciation of proT: In the german language all monosyllabic words, which start with a minuscule consonant and end with a majuscule consonant, are pronounced with a short and open vowel: Therefore proT like the german „Gott“! (or the english „not“ or „pot“ ). The word proT has neither to do with pro tea nor with pro coffee. Therefore proT is one word in which the consonant at the beginning must be written in a lower case letter (therefore minuscule p) and the consonant at the end of the word in a upper case letter (therefore capital T). This rule is valid in any case. Also at the beginning of a sentence and for all type of headline and of course also for
proT neither acts out nor portrays pre-existing texts. Using the most varied forms of artistic representation Alexeij Sagerer has created fully independent total works of art (Gesamtkunstwerke). What in other places remains nothing more than a strained attempt at "border-crossing" between different media has been achieved here by craftsmanship of the highest level. Particularly gratifying is the use of modern technologies (video), whereby this otherwise very unyielding medium does not degenerate into a tedious end-in-itself.
proT is original (as not least thanks to the presence of the protagonist Sagerer himself), has its own unmistakable style and has - thanks to the rare openness and willingness to cooperate that it displays towards artistic colleagues from all branches - exceptional innovatory force. Its work is intelligently conceived in the deepest sense and has the potential to to make a high emotional impact.
Performances are vast and unruly. These are essential qualities because an independent force is asserting itself here, which will not allow itself to be corrupted by the spirit of the modernist Zeitgeist. At the same time, the productions are highly topical. Their friction contradicts the values of contemporary society and they formulate - on proT's unique art - that which can no longer be formulated en everyday language and which normality no longer allows to be perceived.
(Quote taken from the reasons given by the Jury in making an award to the free, professional theater groups in Munich).